Shushanik K., San Jose, CA

I have found Esther when I was looking for a natural hair loss treatment and hair restoration. I would say I have pretty difficult case - having thinning hair for years, I have recently had a baby, so in addition to the hair problem I used to have, post pregnancy hair loss started. I didn't have much hair to start with, and I was losing so much hair, that I was afraid that in several months I would become completely bold. Esther's treatment worked miracles. I still have a little bit of hair falling out, but it's definitely within normal range. The hair now is growing so fast. I also see a lot of little hairs growing, so hopefully, my hair will become thicker. I will be coming for more treatments to have even better results. And the best thing about this hair loss treatment is that everything is natural, no medicines, no hormones. That's what I needed, since I'm still nursing my baby.

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