New Promotion until April 30th, 2017 ( for new and out-of-pocket payment patient only):
  • 1. Bells Palsy acupuncture treatment: $95 each visit. Success rate: So far 100%, specially if comes in early enough.
  • 2. Hair restoration treatment: $750 for 15 visits. Valued at $1,400. Effectiveness: so far in every case, but it is not pain free.
  • 3. Weight loss treatment: $90 per visit. We help you Sliming down and tighten the areas you desire.
  • 4. Child Asthma: $600 package deal for 15 treatments—Asthma requires a constant treatment for a short while for best result. (Package deal is intended to encourage treatment consistency and frequency needed). Valued at $1,200. Positive results (so far in all cases).
  • 5. $75 for a 60 minutes regular acupuncture treatment. Seven star needles (add additional $10) or cupping (add additional $20) treatment, to treat: neck, shoulder, arm, hand pain or sensation issue, or back, hip, knee, leg, foot pain or sensation loss, or vertigo, high blood pressure. Valued at $220.
  • 6. Aczema and Acne: $$600 for 4 visits including herbal medicine needed.
  • 6. Clinical deep tissue massage given by top of the line professional experienced male or female doctors or masseuses for only $110/hour. Additional discount will apply daily for the first 2 callers. Valued at $140/hour.

Other special deals currently available for a limited time:

All deals below include an initial 30 minutes consultation at no charge (a $70 value), unless specified:
  • Sever Hiccup: $120/visit for acute or chronic Hiccup treatment. Immediate effect usually.
  • Cervical Vertebra Syndrome (颈椎病) or 腰椎病: $95/visit. Highly effective.
  • Weekly Acupuncture health maintenance: $70 for a weekly 60 minutes acupuncture health maintenance treatment. Minimum 4 visits per month.

If pay by credit card, an additional 3% of total payment will apply.

We are BlueShield in-network member so your BlueShield health plan will most likely cover our Acupuncture and Massage treatment.
We also accept most health insurance PPO plans, such as United health care, Aetna, BlueShield, Cigna, Blue cross, Anthem blue cross, Health net……

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