Kristina V., Redwood City, CA

Absolute Miracle happened for me!! Cured of Bells Palsy in 2 weeks…

My nightmare happened when I woke up on October 28, 2014. The right side of my face was completely paralyzed and I thought I was in the beginning stages of a stroke. I was taken to ER for treatment & that's when they diagnosed my condition. I had never heard of it before but was relieved it wasn't stroke. That was the good news from the Dr's.  Dr's told me this condition could last from a month to year or more. They had no definite time for recovery and sent me home with heavy medications. It was an absolute frustration over the next few days. Due to the paralysis my right eye lid would not close I had to tape it down at night. Talking, drinking, eating & brushing my teeth was severely impaired as I was unable to keep my mouth closed, I was dribbling out everything.
A friend suggested I try acupuncture for the Bell's palsy. She referred me to Esther as she was Miracle healer. A bit skeptical but desperate I called. That's when my Miracle began! I went 7 consecutive days and the numbness in my mouth was gone. My eye was able to close in beginning of second week. As the day went on the second week I was restored to complete normality. That's my MIRACLE. I'm so grateful to this beautiful woman, Esther. She and her father have healing hands that work miracles. She's  experienced and knows what's she doing on the human body.

Thank you Esther!!

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