Sarah D.

Dr. Zheng will go to any length to help you.
What she did to help me could be seen by my medical doctor.
I had tried using all the various western medicines for my ailment but to no avail.
Dr. Zheng was the only medical professional to make a dent
in my healing. I will be back to see her.

Sarah D.

Rita C.

I highly recommend Dr. Esther .
We have been taking my mother in law to see Dr. Esther for three months for her diabetes and high blood pressure . The burning sensation and swollen in her both feet were bothering her a lot . In the first month visit she no longer feel the burning sensation and feet are no longer swollen. She also get off some of her diabetes medication. And so far we still visit her for the diabetes . My mother in laws  blood test before meal now is 94 and after meal ever reach to 140 . We are very happy for the results. Hopefully later she can gradually get off of any medicine.
With Dr.Esther helps and compassion , we are very optimistic that my mother in law's healing will continue!


I didn't think I was going to be able to breathe normal again, and this is because I'll been dealing with a severe sinus problem for years.  Over the years I'll try different doctors and nothing works they suggest to do surgery. And then I got lucky I'll discover Esther and my life has changed for good in just a short time of treatment with acupuncture and herbs I'll been breathing normally,  she also help me with some other health issues, and she is helping some of my friends.  She's really good.
R G.

Monique M., Maricopa, AZ

I've been through several chiropractors and numerous doctors for my back. I discovered Ester and her acupuncture services on a desperate day when my back went out, I was in intense pain and couldn't walk. My husband called around and she was the only person who made room in her schedule to help me out. She treated me with herbs and acupuncture and by the end of it I was able to walk out again. Since then I've been coming regularly for pain management and I actually feel as though my back and sciatica is improving. I'm also very happy to be off pain meds and high doses of Advil. She warned me of the long term kidney and liver damage caused by taking pain meds. Thanks to her ability to administer effective acupuncture and herbs I no longer take anything.

Ester has a very warm and friendly bedside manner that is balanced with a strong knowledge of her trade. She explains everything in great detail and goes deeper with her explanation to ensure I understand. She also takes a holistic approach and encourages healthy habits by teaching me new ways to cook and foods to eat.

Mac K., Los Altos, CA

Dr. Zheng is very knowledgable and dedicated in seeing her patients be treated as best as they can.

She has personally helped me with basic (but important) knowledge that goes beyond the treatments.
She is concerned with the long-term wellbeing of her patients, but also addresses the short-term areas as well.

Karla S., Sunnyvale, CA

I would like to say that Esther and her dad are great at what they do and I would recommend Esther in a heartbeat. Specially for someone suffering from Bell's Palsy. I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on March of 2015 and a month later I can say that I am almost 100% cured!! I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror when this happened to me and was even depressed by it. I could not believe that something like this had happened to me. I didn't even know what Bell's Palsy was!!!! I had never heard of it. The hospital where I was diagnosed couldn't help and sent me home without much hope for a fast recovery. Thank God somebody at my job knew of Esther and her specialty with  treating Bell's Palsy. Esther made me feel really comfortable since the beginning. She was really kind and encouraging. She took her time to explain to me why this had probably happened to me and  what she could do to help. She told me to have faith in her and that's what I did. I felt I could trust her and her practice. Her positive energy and belief in herself that she could help me, made me trust her completely. Her clinic is very clean and very peaceful. She is very careful with her needles and makes sure everything is carefully sanitized as well. I couldn't help to feel at home whenever I went there for my treatments.  I would not hesitate going back to Esther again for anything else that I know she can treat. If you believe in her and her practice she will definitely do all she can to help. This is what she did with me and for that I will always be thankful/grateful to her and her dad.

Here are some pictures of the evolution of my recovery:

Pasted Graphic 1

Nina G., Redwood City, CA

I've had 2 sessions with Esther and I am amazed with her work. I originally came in because I found a livingsocial deal but I am now proud to say that I will be seeing her regularly. She has helped me instill a new awareness of my health and body and I am excited to see the progress she will help me make.

She has been able to pinpoint a variety of ailments in my body including:

- trouble sleeping
- constipation, digestive issues
- stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, PMS, mood swings
- acne
- minor heart problems

My first visit included a full assessment of my overall health and a seven star needles treatment. Esther is VERY informative and detailed. I love that she takes the time to explain everything and how it affects my body. Her all-natural Chinese herbs have helped me tremendously after just one week! I've been able to sleep straight, my mind has been more clear, my heartbeat and pulse has gotten stronger, and I don't experience any crankiness or stress. She will prescribe you all natural Chinese herbs but it's up to you to take them.

My second visit consisted of an evaluation of my first week/treatment and use of her herbal medicine. We also did an acupuncture session, which was beneficial for my heart health and overall immune system. Esther explained her techniques thoroughly and made sure that I was comfortable. The acupuncture session was not painful - but deeply relaxing and I even took a short nap. I woke up refreshed and calm and felt that I was detoxed from the inside out.

I highly recommend anyone to go see Esther. She has helped me make improvements in my body with a holistic approach and can't wait to see what other changes we can make.

Thank you, Esther for sharing your knowledge on Chinese medicine!

Shushanik K., San Jose, CA

I have found Esther when I was looking for a natural hair loss treatment and hair restoration. I would say I have pretty difficult case - having thinning hair for years, I have recently had a baby, so in addition to the hair problem I used to have, post pregnancy hair loss started. I didn't have much hair to start with, and I was losing so much hair, that I was afraid that in several months I would become completely bold. Esther's treatment worked miracles. I still have a little bit of hair falling out, but it's definitely within normal range. The hair now is growing so fast. I also see a lot of little hairs growing, so hopefully, my hair will become thicker. I will be coming for more treatments to have even better results. And the best thing about this hair loss treatment is that everything is natural, no medicines, no hormones. That's what I needed, since I'm still nursing my baby.

Pasted Graphic

Elizabeth S., Palo Alto, CA

Five weeks into my Bell's Palsy condition, I decided to try acupuncture and came to Tiferes Medical Group. Esther, the owner and doctor, has extensive knowledge and treatment experience with Bell's Palsy condition, and from the first treatment, my face has improved dramatically day after day. Three weeks coming to see Esther, I have recovered 99%, and I continue to see her for maintenance treatments.

The clinic is clean and professional, and all medical needles are disposed properly. The tray to hold the needles gets cleaned and wrapped after every patient. Esther also explains everything clearly, makes you understand that acupuncture and Chinese medicine are not some mysterious thing, and that they treat the foundation problem, not by covering up the symptoms.

Arturo M., Menlo Park, CA

I never though my daughter's ashma  will go away after 5 years using inhaler daily but Esther fixed her in 15 days!!!
I originally came for my hair loss treatment and my wife told me there is no more hair on the pillow compared to I used to have lot of hair on the pillow when I wake up every morning. Seeing how amazing chineses medicine is, I asked her if she could treat my 8 year old daughter's asthma.  Bingo!

Now my whole family goes to her for whatever health problem we have from common cold to my other kids' nearsightedness. She is just simply amazing, knowledgeable, and most of all, kind. Thank you Esther!

Jessica M.

I have been going for a couple of weeks and I am already having less hair fall out. Especially when washing my hair in the shower!!! I use to pull out a lot of hair and now I usually see about 5 strands!!!

Jessica M.

Hillel G.

Nice and knowledgeable owner, friendly service, always on time.

Hillel G.