Kristina V., Redwood City, CA

Absolute Miracle happened for me!! Cured of Bells Palsy in 2 weeks…

My nightmare happened when I woke up on October 28, 2014. The right side of my face was completely paralyzed and I thought I was in the beginning stages of a stroke. I was taken to ER for treatment & that's when they diagnosed my condition. I had never heard of it before but was relieved it wasn't stroke. That was the good news from the Dr's.  Dr's told me this condition could last from a month to year or more. They had no definite time for recovery and sent me home with heavy medications. It was an absolute frustration over the next few days. Due to the paralysis my right eye lid would not close I had to tape it down at night. Talking, drinking, eating & brushing my teeth was severely impaired as I was unable to keep my mouth closed, I was dribbling out everything.
A friend suggested I try acupuncture for the Bell's palsy. She referred me to Esther as she was Miracle healer. A bit skeptical but desperate I called. That's when my Miracle began! I went 7 consecutive days and the numbness in my mouth was gone. My eye was able to close in beginning of second week. As the day went on the second week I was restored to complete normality. That's my MIRACLE. I'm so grateful to this beautiful woman, Esther. She and her father have healing hands that work miracles. She's  experienced and knows what's she doing on the human body.

Thank you Esther!!

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Nabil A., San Jose

it is a new way to regrow hair and so far it has been a great experience.I see the progress so far and looking forward to full recovery with my hair loss.
A new way for me to treat my hair but have been effective so far!

Rabbi Yosef Levin, Palo Alto

I had a severe ankle sprain.  The doctors I initially went to sent me home with pain killers and told me to just wait it out.  After an entire week with huge swelling and no progress, Esther started treatment, and within a couple of days the swelling was down significantly.  She also located a very small bone dislocation and put it back into place.

I feel that Esther cut down my recovery time, perhaps by half.  Very professional and friendly and caring.

Richard X, Newark

This is amazing.

I know acupuncture works and have been using it for many years.  But this one is totally different.  It just works like miracle.

I twisted my neck when I swam.  It hurt my entire right shoulder and back.  I could not move my right arm, and my head could not turn to the right.   She only punctured me once and 50% of the symptom was relieved.  I was able to move and use my right part of body again!

I went there for 4 times, and I feel that I am completely recovered (in 3 weeks).  But I plan to keep going for another 4 times to make it better.

Adam C., Palo Alto

I have never written a review before but felt compelled to after the amazing results I got after seeing Esther.

When I broke my leg in an accident at home a year ago I went straight to Esther. I had an operation in which they put metal screws in my leg and I wanted to make sure to recover and heal my leg properly. I heard of Esther through the grapevine and knew that she was the right person to help me during the recovery period.

Esther is originally from China so she understands traditional Chinese medicine in the original language. You don't have to understand Chinese to understand that certain concepts simply do not translate from one language to the next.

You benefit from Esther's knowledge of Chinese medicine that has been passed down directly from her father. Although Esther is not a native speaker she has near perfect English. She is able to explain the concepts that are relevant to your treatment in easily understood layman's terms.

A few months ago I had agonizing back pain. It is the kind of pain that make it almost impossible to get through your daily activities. After several appointments Esther was able to get rid of the pain completely.  There is a lot I still don't understand about Chinese medicine but I am now a believer in Esther.

If you want noticeable results, go see Esther pronto!

Binh T., San Jose

Hong is a very nice person I have the privilege to know. She care deeply for her patients and will go out of her ways to ensure the patients' well being.

She first treated me at the East West University then followed up when she started her clinic.

She has a team of supporting professional who specialized in herbs, acupressure and she called on them to get the best possible treatments for me.

Sandy A., Palo Alto

I suffered with chronic low back pain for 5 years. I tried yoga, PT exercises,even a new office chair, none of which worked, till I saw Esther. If you have pain you can't get rid of, this is the place to come.

Danit B., Mountain View

Where to begin... Esther is wonderful! I had my 1st meeting with her last week. She was so patient, kind, and took her time to understand my issues. Once I was on the table for acupuncture, she was thorough and explained everything. She was able to tell me what I would feel and exactly when I would feel it. I felt such a connection to her and such a sense of positivity when I left.

2nd appointment was even better than the 1st! I felt less pain in certain areas and optimistic that the healing will continue. Thank you Esther!

Mellissa M., Menlo Park

Esther is amazing!!! She has helped me in so many different ways. Reducing my stress, helping me sleep and just last visit after running a half marathon she fixed my knee. As another review said "she's a witch" I would say Esther is a miracle worker.

Another thing I really appreciate is her time to explain everything in detail so I can understand what she is doing to me. I have never tried cupping before and was a little nervous but she made me feel so comfortable and explained everything as she was doing it. My right arm use to go fall asleep, not anymore since she did the cupping.

I absolutely recommend Esther!! I love her and her miracles!! Go see her for anything your normal Doctor can't fix and you will be amazed at what Esther can do.