Monique M., Maricopa, AZ

I've been through several chiropractors and numerous doctors for my back. I discovered Ester and her acupuncture services on a desperate day when my back went out, I was in intense pain and couldn't walk. My husband called around and she was the only person who made room in her schedule to help me out. She treated me with herbs and acupuncture and by the end of it I was able to walk out again. Since then I've been coming regularly for pain management and I actually feel as though my back and sciatica is improving. I'm also very happy to be off pain meds and high doses of Advil. She warned me of the long term kidney and liver damage caused by taking pain meds. Thanks to her ability to administer effective acupuncture and herbs I no longer take anything.

Ester has a very warm and friendly bedside manner that is balanced with a strong knowledge of her trade. She explains everything in great detail and goes deeper with her explanation to ensure I understand. She also takes a holistic approach and encourages healthy habits by teaching me new ways to cook and foods to eat.