Suzanne F.

"Dr. Esther is an excellent acupuncturist and I highly recommend her. I saw major improvements in my health. My OBY-GYN did too. I recommended her to a friend who had a bout with Bells-Palsy. Her photos have been posted on Dr. Esther's website and you can see the difference or ask Dr. Esther to show the pictures to you. Today, when I see my friend I never would have expected that she had had any type of difficulty. As I get older, I really want to have a relationship with an acupuncturist especially if I ever have a stroke. I want to be prepared because I know that acupuncture can really help. With Bells Palsy or any of the other aging problems, having a relationship with an acupuncturist for me is really important. I also like the fact that alternative medicine is so positive. It gives me hope and when I am not well, I want to be with a practitioner that is hopeful. When I am in Dr. Esther's waiting room, people are optimistic. I don't find the fear that I experience in western medicine waiting rooms. I am grateful to have access to an acupuncturist who is from a long family lineage of Chinese acupuncturists who are well-known in China. I am also impressed with Dr. Esther's background in journalism. I like having a Dr. who has a family, lives in and is involved in the local community. Dr. Esther really wants the best for me. I believe she will truly do anytime to help me maintain good health. "